Common waxing tips


Post waxing:

Facial Waxing:

Try not to touch the waxed area for 24 hours. Bacteria on your fingers will get into your delicate open pores and cause pimples. If you do touch your waxed skin, just rinse it off with cold water or apply toner if you have some. Witch Hazel is an all-natural toner/astringent that gently reduces inflammation while keeping pores clean and bacteria free.

Body Waxing:

Start exfoliating as soon as it is comfortable to do so or when tenderness subsides. This will prevent ingrown hairs and ensure that your next wax will be smoother. You may exfoliate your skin one of two ways: chemically or manually.

Chemically:   We recommend PFB Vanish and PFB Chromabright for darker pigmented skin.  We sell both of these products at Emerge.  They contain a gentle blend of salicylic and glycolic acids that help to clear the hair follicle to treat and prevent bumps.

Manually:  We recommend “The Ultimate Buffing Cloth” from Dermalogica.  We sell this product at Emerge.  (Loofahs can harbor bacteria or mold, and are not sufficient exfoliators.)   As a regular preventative measure, scrub in a gentle upward and circular  motion. This will reduce the chance of ingrown hairs, bumps, pimples and rough skin.

If you have been waxed for the first time, a few bumps and/or pimples are common. If you break out everywhere there can be a few reasons for this, the most common being that your hair follicles are irritated by sweat and/or bacteria. Sweat, which contains urea and salt, is considered irritating to your hair follicles so they will be extra sensitive the first time around. Your next waxes should be less irritating provided you stay on a regular schedule.

If bumps or pimples have appeared, antibiotic ointment, tea tree oil, and/or PFB Vanish are topical agents that can help clear up your skin in a few days.

Should I tweeze or shave in between waxes?

General concerns:

Types of wax used at Emerge

You can always request which wax you prefer.  Otherwise, our trained experts will decide which wax to use depending on your hair and skin type.

Lifting or Burning the skin due to waxing

What is the difference between getting waxed at a skin care specific business and going to a cheaper facility that doesn’t offer other waxing or skin care services?

By coming to Emerge, you are ensuring the best care and quality of service for your skin.

Our estheticians are licensed professionals focused on top of the line skin care while maintaining their education on the latest research and development in products, procedures and scientific advancements.

We use top-grade hypoallergenic waxes designed for sensitive skin and we use extremely sanitary protocols for every service.

Bikini waxing:  

At Emerge, we prefer not to trim the hair at the time of your bikini wax.  Loose pubic hair in the same treatment room that we may perform a facial is unsanitary.  If your pubic hair is long enough to twist in a bunch, please trim it down by about half.  Do not use electric trimmers because it trims hair at uneven lengths and may leave the hair too short to wax.

Basic Bikini:

This is a bikini wax that removes the hair on your bikini line. Anything that grows past your hip-line or underwear line will be waxed. Anything more will be extra, or you can look into getting the modified bikini.

Modified Bikini:

This waxing goes in a little farther than the classic bikini wax. We also remove a little off the top of your hairline and the part of your tush that shows when wearing a bikini. If you enjoy sitting Indian-style on the beach, this is your bikini wax!

Modified Brazilian:

This bikini is perfect for anyone wanting it all gone, but not wanting to look too youthful,. Everything is waxed front to back, but a strip is left straight down the middle.


The Brazilian wax takes all hair off from front to back. This is done lying on our treatment bed nude from the waist down covered with a modesty towel. The Brazilian starts as a regular bikini by cleaning up the sides going in and down, little by little. Getting your rear end waxed is up to you, but it is included!  The Brazilian Wax is our most popular waxing procedure!

 If you are unsure of what service you would like to have done, feel free to discuss it with your esthetician so we can book the proper amount of time for the appointment. Consultations for waxing and facials are always free.